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Innovative gift experiences to inspire your employees

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Looking for new ways to celebrate your people and recognize their achievements this holiday season? To create memorable employee gift experiences with lasting impact, your gifting strategy must be fueled by innovation and imagination—especially for an audience that is increasingly sophisticated and tech-savvy.

Providing employees with interactive, technology-driven gift experiences that are as impactful as the gifts themselves is an effective way to inspire your teams. Consider these three ways to generate enthusiasm and excitement during the gifting season and beyond.

1. Energize employees with immersive 3D gifting experiences

Rewarding and celebrating the dedication of your people should include providing a range of gifts from which to choose. Creating a custom gift selection based on your budget and identifying who is eligible are the starting points.

Then, elevate the gifting experience to extraordinary with a next-gen digital gifting experience set in an immersive, customizable 3D environment—enabling your people to interact with and examine detailed renders of all available gifts before making their individual selections. The best part? This type of innovative, award-winning gift experience requires no additional equipment.

Gift ideas to include within your digital experience:

  • Health and fitness options ranging from branded workout wear and gym memberships to gift certificates for a massage or spa day
  • Tech tools from tablets and noise-cancelling headphones to pen-sized wireless scanners
  • Hobby, game and outdoor items such as drones, ski equipment and camping gear
  • A variety of gift cards for restaurants, high-end retail and entertainment venues

Providing optionality confirms your recognition of your employees as individuals with varying interests, reinforcing your workplace values. Adding a digital experience speaks to your brand as innovative and forward-thinking to create memorable moments between colleagues.

Immersive digital gifting experiences should be customized from ideation to execution
Immersive digital gifting experiences should be customized from ideation to execution

2. Encourage team-building with shared gift experiences

To create a shared experience that promotes togetherness and celebration from any location, consider a customized virtual event that ensures everyone experiences the same gift together. The transformational aspect moves from choosing an individual gift to participating in a fun activity or shared moment with the group to create a unified experience.

Embrace opportunities for your employees to enjoy virtual experiences together, including:

  • Sharing a meal provided by the company
  • Participating in a fun class that requires collaboration
  • Exploring a unique activity or game that energizes your people
  • Unboxing curated gifts that are delivered to each individual

These types of virtual events are an effective way to celebrate your people and the spirit of togetherness to ensure everyone feels included. Shared experiences are the moments that matter which can help elevate your workplace culture and employee experience—creating memories that last a lifetime and inspiring your people from anywhere in the world.

Shared experiences promote togetherness through unity from anywhere
Shared experiences promote togetherness through unity from anywhere

3. Enhance optionality & personalization with a digital gift store

To meet the needs of a variety of individuals with unique preferences, leverage a customized digital gift store in which your employees can explore a range of curated gift options. Flexible platform technology provides an easy way to make gift selections and shipping options—an excellent solution to last-minute gifting with a variety of benefits:

  • Individual employees can each choose their own gifts to suit their preferences
  • Your sales and account management team members can select unique gifts to send to clients
  • A digital company store reinforces the direct relationship between you and your employees

Platform technology makes digital gift stores easy for you and meaningful for them
Platform technology makes digital gift stores easy for you and meaningful for them

Gift experiences should be inclusive and provide a tailored experience, as recipients are more engaged when gifts are relevant and add value. Gifts can drive desired behavior for a campaign or simply show your people how much you value them—such as for Employee Appreciation Day. Whether an incentive or display of altruism, the intent of your gift should be clear from the onset.

Augeo has the expertise and award-winning technology to provide a full range of gifting experiences designed to delight and reward your employees and clients this holiday season and beyond. Learn more about we can help you elevate your corporate gifting strategy.

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