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Leveraging crypto for customer engagement & enhancing loyalty programs

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Demand for crypto is growing rapidly & here to stay

The time to leverage crypto experiences is now.

In the past year, cryptocurrency adoption has skyrocketed by 881%—with an estimated 300 million cryptocurrency users worldwide and over 50 million Americans expected to buy crypto in the next 12 months.¹⁻³ As surging demand propels widespread adoption of digital currencies across the globe, brands seeking to attract and engage consumers, employees and members are turning to the world of crypto loyalty.

Let’s explore everything you need to know.

Defining the next generation of loyalty rewards

What does crypto have to do with loyalty and engagement? Everything.

The average American is a member of approximately 16 loyalty programs. On a global scale, there are billions in loyalty points just waiting to be spent on the next exciting new redemption experience—and a recent report shows over half (57%) of consumers are interested in entering the crypto ecosystem through rewards.⁴

Given the impact of rewards programs and soaring consumer demand for cryptocurrency, the question is: How can your loyalty and engagement strategy include crypto?

That’s why Augeo developed Heaps℠—a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates with loyalty programs to engage users through crypto experiences. In collaboration with Prime Trust, a leading digital asset infrastructure provider trusted by major institutions worldwide, Heaps provides enterprises with a competitive advantage through an elevated and differentiated loyalty program experience:

  • Exchange loyalty rewards or use cash to buy leading cryptocurrencies
  • Store digital assets in a secure wallet and track performance
  • Learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain and NFTs
  • Earn free crypto when you shop at thousands of stores and brands

A compelling entry point for every audience

Organizations looking to leverage crypto experiences should consider that not all consumers are crypto connoisseurs—yet. For example, while 67% of millennials believe crypto is a more attractive investment option today, 75% of this age group want to learn more about the asset class.⁵

Loyalty rewards provide an ideal entry point into crypto for consumers, employees and members. Heaps takes this concept to new levels, providing a comprehensive suite of educational tools to help users begin their crypto journey with confidence.

These engaging tutorials are an effective way for diverse audiences to learn about investing in crypto and NFTs—a key differentiator as the inevitability of digital currencies and assets becomes more apparent.

“Rewards create a compelling entry point for consumers getting into cryptocurrency and digital assets. Heaps makes it easy for users to learn about crypto investing.” —Peter Schultze, Augeo Vice President, Crypto Loyalty

Unparalleled growth & rewards

Compared to other currencies, cryptocurrencies offer an opportunity for unparalleled growth. Plus, by using loyalty rewards to purchase crypto, end users can make use of the points they might have otherwise wasted and unlock new potential to invest and learn.

Of course, that potential investment power is only worthwhile if your assets are kept safe. That’s why Augeo has teamed up with Prime Trust to help users simply and securely buy, store and trade their crypto through the Heaps platform.

Custody & secure transactions

Crypto doesn’t have specific rules governing its usage. This lack of regulation means more autonomy and transparency—and with Prime Trust serving as a custodian, potential security risks are negated.

Prime Trust uses several security safeguards to keep every transaction secure. Protocols such as Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Know-Your-Business (KYB) enable the validation of customer identities, thus ensuring that all transactions within the Heaps ecosystem take place between credible sources.

Prime Trust also uses a mix of warm and hot wallets to allow for easy, secure access to trading and rewards. This mix is safer than hot wallet-only storage while offering quicker access to buy and sell.

Swift, hassle-free integration

Usually, offering crypto requires several licenses, and obtaining those licenses can be time-intensive for in-house teams. Finding the necessary talent to conduct manual reviews and ongoing monitoring can be equally difficult, especially when those tasks are split among several vendors.

Prime Trust handles all necessary licenses and provides comprehensive services through all-in-one APIs, making it easy for organizations to seamlessly integrate with the Heaps platform. Additionally, all necessary reports are provided to users to make filing taxes simple. In short, organizations can have full confidence that cryptocurrency infrastructure, licensing, security and compliance are handled by Augeo and Prime Trust to ensure offering crypto rewards is a rewarding experience.

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