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Compelling programs to help you better connect and engage with your go-to-market partners. Deepen relationships, advance understanding and enhance loyalty through an integrated ecosystem of valuable solutions.
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Our channel and B2B loyalty engagement platform blends strategies to drive transactions with services providers to build a hybrid loyalty model. Our loyalty strategy is a proven approach to elevate engagement and develop a deeper affinity between our clients and their customers through our loyalty ecosystem.
ROI & improve KPIs
We understand that not all loyalty programs are alike; our platform is flexible for point earning mechanisms and scalable and customizable for point redemptions.
Drive customer acquisition
Repeat orders/purchases
Increase market share
Tiered point opportunities
Earning segmentation
Automated processes
Analyze insights
Monitor sales volume
"Premier Rewards is one of the most innovative and exciting Loyalty programs in America, incorporating both a unique earning model and best-in-class business services to help their Professional Customer Base grow their business." 
- Senior Vice President, PRO Services
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Case study
Channel loyalty

Augeo facilitates a loyalty program that rewards professionals for their purchases and their customer's purchases. The rewards program shows that the company thinks about professionals not just within the context of their flooring business, but as people too.

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Channel loyalty

Getting your products and services to market through a channel matrix can mean navigating a sea of complexity. We believe there are five components of a winning channel incentive program that should fuel every loyalty ecosystem.

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