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Virtual marketplace exceeds expectations and increases sales

COVID-19 has changed how companies plan and execute large meetings, events and marketplaces—transitioning from in-person gatherings to a digital alternative. When a hardware distribution client inquired about alternate options for their in-person vendor marketplace, an event that typically accounts for 65% of their annual revenue, our teams quickly came together to design and deliver a custom virtual experience.

There are a few key elements that play a role in planning and executing a successful in-person to virtual event conversion. Augeo's virtual meeting and events team effectively hosted the marketplace by creating solutions that optimized results:

  1. What are the goals of the event?
    For this event, hosting a marketplace in a way that was mutually beneficial for attendees and exhibitors.
  2. How can the attendee experience be replicated in a virtual setting?
    The well-attended in-person marketplace was converted to provide a seamless experience for users, like keeping the experience of shopping from exhibitors all in one place.
  3. What virtual event software can provide a venue to meet program goals?
    The event was hosted on a platform with a familiar environment for event attendees to log in and navigate with ease.
  4. How can design be used to best showcase the brand, sponsors and exhibitors throughout the run of show?
    Augeo identified creative ways to use the virtual space to maintain interest, excitement, and engagement over the course of the event.
  5. Overall process and logistics
    Virtual events have a different set of requirements than in-person. The team designed a process to capture all exhibitor and other important information for virtual booths.

Ultimately, Augeo was able to turn this marketplace virtual with remarkable results and an increased user attendance. Here's how we did it.

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