Channel Loyalty

Advance partner relationships

Promote affinity, accelerate ROI and support growth across your channel and B2B partner network with our hybrid loyalty solutions.

Channel Loyalty

Looking to advance
key partnerships &
boost business?

Increase affinity, accelerate ROI and support growth throughout your partner network

Flexible and platform-based loyalty technology

Best-in-class business service from top providers

Gamified experiences and community-building tools

Automated rewards to streamline program management

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Partners to the world’s top brands
Delivered at a global scale

Fortune Global 500 companies trust Augeo





Building affinity & lasting loyalty

Our loyalty ecosystem

Drive meaningful behaviors, catalyze partner loyalty and accelerate ROI through data-driven experiences.

Flexible & scalable

The ultimate partner loyalty ecosystem

Our platform incorporates a unique earning model, gamified experiences and best-in-class business services to drive meaningful results with channel and B2B partners.

Business services

Support your channel &
B2B partner ecosystem

We’ve developed partnerships with the world’s best providers of business solutions. Through strategic deployment of these partners, we deliver greater value for your small business customers and members.

HR & payroll services
Office & facilities management
Recruiting, scheduling & training
Insurances & benefits
POS & payment solutions
Tool & equipment rental
Marketing tools
Promotional products & apparel
Moving & storage

Accelerate ROI & improve KPIs

Drive customer acquisition

Attract new customers by providing incentives for first-time purchases.

Increase influence

Grow your market share by incentivizing partner promotions.

Enhance relevancy

Segment partner earnings to ensure relevant incentivization.

Automate processes

Save time and resources with automated rewards processes.

Reward rebuying

Incentivize repeat purchases to drive greater revenue growth.

Build brand affinity

Increase partner loyalty over time with tiered point strategies.

Gain insights

Leverage data analytics to enable strategic decision-making.

Monitor sales volume

Ensure revenue growth with user-friendly monitoring tools.

Leading platform technology

Supporting expansion & growth


Our simple, integrated platform solution uses a dynamic CMS to control customization costs and deliver a holistic experience for partners.


We support your program requirements, expansion and growth as needed through our scalable platform technology.


Our technology adapts to market dynamics, economic pressures and engagement trends to maximize flexibility for your business.

Synergistic solutions

Elevate your strategy

Diversify your portfolio of tools to deliver experiences across industries and verticals.

Workplace Engagement

Redefine workplace engagement, productivity and retention strategies with the ultimate employee experience platform.

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Sales Incentives

Drive peak performance and motivate extra effort through platform-based incentives, promotions and rewards.

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Social Activation

Ignite brand advocacy and create more targeted and personalized brand experiences across the leading social platforms.

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Tokenized Loyalty

Expand and enhance loyalty programs with a compelling new class of digital rewards and shareable experiences.

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Spark innovation. Fuel your imagination.

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