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Digital experiences to transform your corporate gifting strategy

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Are Web3 experiences and transformational technologies changing your corporate gifting strategy? They should be.

Expressing appreciation for your clients and employees with tangible gifts is an impactful way to strengthen brand relationships and reinforce your company values—especially when curating a gifting campaign for the holiday season and beyond. Now, technology is defining the next generation of corporate gifting in new ways, and the enterprises that harness its full potential are differentiating their brands in an ever-competitive marketplace.

Through technology, transactional approaches move to transformational—and isolated, fleeting moments of magic become shared, personalized experiences with lasting impact, amplified by the gift of choice and creating optionality. Ideal for both client holiday gifts and employee holiday gifts.

Bridge connection & promote togetherness from anywhere

A technology-driven experience inspired by the metaverse is one of many compelling gift ideas for virtual employees, in-office team members and clients.

Looking for client gift ideas and unique corporate gifts for employees? Consider gifting technology as the great equalizer when it comes to personalized business gifts—including B2B gifts, virtual gifts for remote employees, corporate gifting sites and premium corporate gifts.

With employees and clients working in hybrid and remote environments across the globe, technology overcomes distance in ways that promote togetherness and bridge connection. Treating recipients to a virtual shopping experience while guiding them through an immersive, metaverse experience puts the power of choice in their hands in a compelling fashion.

These types of digital gifting events are an effective way to create a unified, shared experience that promotes accessibility and inclusion for diverse audiences—one of several corporate gifting solutions to consider for company holiday gifts, high-end corporate gifts and beyond.

Cutting-edge technology that blurs the barrier between physical and virtual worlds also creates a riveting gifting experience in which recipients are empowered to explore custom-designed digital venues that highlight 3D views of available gifts. Heightened immersion has demonstrated a profound effect on emotions—evoking positive reactions and increased perceived attractiveness compared with standard solutions.¹

Amplify immersion to create an experience with lasting impact

Spark inspiration and create a lasting impression with holiday gift ideas for clients and employees fueled by technology and innovation.

A digital gifting experience such as an immersive 3D shopping spree provides a creative alternative to traditional gift-giving, promoting:

  • Accessibility: Users can interact in a 3D environment to access the gift shop either where and when they choose or in a group environment, examining customized corporate gifts in great detail before making a selection.
  • Connection: Attendees can engage and connect in real time using integrated chat box functionality should they have questions about the array of corporate presents.
  • Personalization: Themed gifting booths feature attractive gift displays that accommodate a range of user tastes and preferences.
  • Prestige: A team of gift concierges assists users as they would at an in-person shopping event.
  • Social responsibility: Organizations can choose to include an option to donate the equivalent of a gift to charity and tally the results to share.

Strengthen brand relationships with digital gifting experiences

A corporate gifting platform is an effective solution for bringing corporate gifting websites to life and creating a unified, accessible experience.

Expertly curated gifts coupled with an immersive presentation propelled by strategy, creativity, technology and innovation is a winning combination to showcase appreciation for your clients and employees. Whether rewarding successful project outcomes, recognizing sales goals, celebrating the holiday season or strengthening relationships with prospects and customers—the design and execution of a digital gifting experience is extraordinary and memorable.

Learn more about our award-winning and technology-driven gifting solutions—including next-gen experiences, shared experiences, company gift stores, onsite pop-up shops and curated gift boxes. Easy for you, meaningful for them.

¹ International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research | Consumer store experience through virtual reality: its effect on emotional states and perceived store attractiveness

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