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Elevating employee experiences through customer loyalty strategies

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How proven consumer engagement tactics are redefining workplace experiences

In our digital age, the boundaries between consumer and employee experiences have blurred. As sophisticated consumers, today's employees access personalized recommendations and exclusive rewards every day. In the workplace, they now expect similar experiences from their employers.

Companies that exceed engagement expectations are best positioned to attract and retain talent. To redefine your workplace engagement strategy and create more compelling people experiences, leverage these proven customer loyalty tactics and technologies:

1. Maximize optionality through a robust rewards marketplace

Integrating incentives and rewards into your employee engagement strategy starts with understanding people—and knowing what powers a successful customer loyalty program. As targeted incentives improve customer engagement, relevant rewards elevate your employee experience. Where should your organization begin?

  • Increase optionality with a robust rewards marketplace: Providing a range of rewards ensures options that cater to unique interests and preferences. While some employees may enjoy experiences like concert tickets and a spa day, others may prefer tangible rewards like gift cards and merchandise. Optionality shows your employees they are valued and appreciated in a way that resonates with them.
  • Communicate the benefits of your rewards program: Communicating the benefits of employee incentives is essential, including how employees can earn and redeem rewards. The ideal platform should be easy to understand and accessible to all employees, regardless of their job function or location. Regularly communicate updates, new rewards and success stories to keep your program top of mind.
  • Personalize experiences & reward desired behaviors: Personalization is paramount. In addition to employee preferences and interests, organizations should also consider performance and achievements when determining employee incentives. For example, recognizing and rewarding employees who have achieved a certain level of sales or customer satisfaction ratings will demonstrate value for their contributions.
  • Refresh your benefits mix to sustain program engagement: To keep employees engaged, it is important to update and refresh your rewards program. This could mean adding new rewards, changing the way rewards are earned or introducing new features like a leaderboard or social sharing. By keeping your program fresh and exciting, your people are more likely to remain engaged and motivated.

2. Spark motivation with rewards that reflect business objectives

Incentives and rewards are a powerful motivator that can extend the employee experience beyond the workplace—an effect that is amplified when employee rewards and benefits reinforce your organization’s core business objectives. This alignment fosters and ingrains a sense of purpose that accelerates engagement across your workplace.

  • Ensure companywide relevancy: Workplace incentives should be relevant to your company's business objectives, such as attending industry conferences, participating in workshops or innovation labs—or providing access to cutting-edge tools and technologies.
  • Demonstrate your commitment: Rewards should demonstrate and reinforce your organization's commitment—both to staying at the forefront of your industry and investing in meaningful development of your employees.
  • Provide purposeful direction: Rewards and incentives tied to business objectives can create a sense of direction and purpose among employees. When employees understand how their work contributes to your organization's overall goals, they are more likely to feel invested in their work and more committed to achieving success.

3. Streamline your approach with advanced platform technology

Targeted workplace engagement platform technologies work similarly to customer loyalty platforms—which are designed to engage, excite and reward users. These technologies can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization and people, providing a powerful strategic advantage in elevating your employee experience.

  • Gain valuable actionable insights: Collect and analyze employee engagement and performance data that can be used to identify areas of opportunity—including ways to create more personalized in-platform experiences.
  • Maximize your operational efficiency: Technology-based platforms make it simple for organizations to implement and manage employee rewards—integrating rewards into your people experience in a way that feels additive while freeing up administrative resources.
  • Complement your employee rewards: In addition to providing your people with a robust rewards marketplace, workplace engagement platforms can include compelling features designed to improve the employee experience—including connection tools that power productivity through community and cultural agility.

4. Inspire & reward peak performance across your workplace

Like customer perks that encourage brand loyalty, employee incentives should also promote a sense of exclusivity. Offering a diverse selection of rewards that are not available to the public or that are only available to top performers within your organization can motivate employees to perform at their best.

  • Exclusive rewards: Offer rewards that are exclusive to your people, including access to company events, specialized training sessions and unique career development opportunities.
  • Top-performer rewards: Design rewards that are only available to top performers within your organization, such as recognition awards, incentive travel and other experiential rewards.
  • Social rewards: Foster a sense of community and social connection among employees by offering rewards and incentives that encourage team building and collaboration, such as team outings and volunteer opportunities.
  • Milestone rewards: Celebrate employee accomplishments and milestones by offering incentives that recognize important achievements—automated to improve efficiencies through platform technology.

Ready to supercharge your people experience?

In a competitive job market, offering a compelling employee experience is essential for attracting, engaging, inspiring and retaining top talent. With the right strategy in place, employee rewards, perks, offers and other benefits are a powerful tool for elevating the employee experience and driving business success.

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