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Augeo launches Koiyn℠ card-linked offers as innovative member & association incentive

March 30, 2021

ST. PAUL, MN (March 30, 2021) Augeo, a leader in loyalty and engagement platform solutions, announced today the expansion of its Koiyn℠ program—a first-in-market membership incentive program featuring card-linked cash-back rewards that seamlessly integrates with member and association programs. Koiyn enables organizations to add value for their members, increasing active participation and loyalty.

Koiyn enables users to enroll any credit or debit card to receive cash back on eligible purchases at participating merchants. The simplicity of the user experience and frictionless cash-back delivery appeals to members seeking extra value in common purchases.

“Member loyalty and engagement is experiencing a significant shift where traditional programs are evolving to personalized experiences that create meaningful value for the member,” said Tim Miller, Augeo President, Loyalty and Benefits. "This new product makes it as easy as ever for members to continue to receive valuable offers and discounts in the most frictionless way.”

The program encourages usage and promotes a more engaging member experience that is highly additive to customary membership benefits. Koiyn is particularly appealing to Millennial and Gen Z members seeking a compelling experience and relevant, authentic value. Augeo's ability to power meaningful membership experiences with card-linked offers is a result of its strategic partnership with Figg, a leader in the card-linking industry.

With the Koiyn program, Augeo fuels its engagement innovation strategy to provide leading member benefit solutions. The platform provides direct and immediate offer communication with members, enabling organizations to keep membership top of mind. “As consumer demand continues to shift toward immediacy and convenience, Koiyn delivers a contemporary new channel to drive value for memberships focused on acquisition, activation and retention. Koiyn significantly increases member interactions and generates sustained engagement and long-term loyalty,” added Miller.


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Augeo is a global leader in enterprise engagement and loyalty platforms that deliver compelling experiences and foster meaningful connections with employees, customers, members and sales channel partners across industries. We help clients elevate engagement and accelerate success by strengthening relationships through our consumer loyalty, employee recognition, sales incentives, virtual and in-person events or insurance and benefits solutions. With more than 40 years of experience, Augeo serves hundreds of clients including 55 of the top Fortune 500 companies, representing millions using our proprietary platform technology.

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