Social Activation

Looking to inspire advocacy & extend your influence?

Amplify your brand across leading social channels with innovative AI technologies

Generate authentic brand advocacy at scale

Optimize social media advertising campaigns

Share and monetize valuable first-party data

Protect your brand with AI-powered safeguards

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Extending influence through media technologies

AI-powered tools

Extend advertising investment, amplify authentic brand advocacy and monetize first-party data collaborations.

BN is a pioneer in social technology—now joining forces with Augeo to transform brands through social activation.

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Brand advocate

Unleash your employee & consumer advocates

The ultimate conduit to channel the passion of your brand enthusiasts into compelling, brand-safe content at scale.

Authentic brand advocacy​

Give your brand enthusiasts the tools they need to build more personal consumer connections on your behalf.

Hyper-local audience reach

Tailor content to local target audiences to inspire your consumers through more relevant experiences.

Brand-safety technology

Automate reputation management through bnGuard, our AI-powered brand-safety technology that automatically scans and flags content that violates your brand guidelines.

Intuitive mobile app

Incentivize content creators with actionable goals and gamified experiences through our intuitive mobile app.

Advertising optimization

Maximize ad budgets for all social platforms with AI-powered targeting

Data science and operational efficiency converge to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Rule-based automation

Optimize and boost top-performing organic content and rotate ad creatives with automated adjustments powered by our proprietary AI rules engine.

Real-time local advertising

Build hyper-targeted campaigns that reach local audiences and trigger real-time updates to ad creatives based on the latest local data.

Cross-platform optimization

Drive campaign performance by optimizing advertising sets and media spend across the leading social media platforms.

Campaign safety

Increase efficiencies, eliminate spend errors and activate non-linear campaign pacing by enabling rule-based account-level safety nets.

Data collaboration

Elevate social platform experiences through audience exchanges

Securely share and monetize first-party data to build and grow your data capabilities across social media platforms.

Robust data management​

Visualize and categorize audience data by brand, type and availability to gain actionable insights fueled by powerful analytics.​

Monetized audience exchange​

Enable trusted partners to access valuable first-party data segments that advance better targeted and more personalized consumer experiences.

Segmented privacy & control

Limit access to brand-safe data to ensure optimal safety, security and compliance while retaining full control over the data and usage.

Transparent reporting & budget management

Empower audience owners to set and tailor default pricing models based on partnership agreements rooted in mutual transparency.

Synergistic solutions

Elevate your strategy

Diversify your portfolio of tools to deliver experiences across industries and verticals.

Sales Incentives

Drive peak performance and motivate extra effort through platform-based incentives, promotions and rewards.

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Workplace Engagement

Redefine workplace engagement, productivity and retention strategies with the ultimate employee experience platform.

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Customer Loyalty

Increase purchasing, drive engagement and promote brand affinity with unparalleled incentives, rewards and benefits.

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Digital Asset Experiences

Expand and enhance loyalty programs with a compelling new class of digital rewards and shareable experiences.

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Spark innovation. Fuel your imagination.
Spark innovation. Fuel your imagination.

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