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Digital loyalty wallet to elevate reward experiences

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Elevating engagement through tokenized loyalty

Introducing Kigo

Unlock a complementary channel for engagement and exclusive access to America’s largest offers network.

Kigo is the intelligent operating system for modern loyalty that delivers more value to more people in more inspiring, personalized and shareable ways.

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Elevate your loyalty ecosystem.
Elevate your loyalty ecosystem.
Rewards experience

An innovative delivery system for elevated redemption experiences

Transforming every reward and incentive into more uniquely personalized, dynamic and shareable experiences, globally.

Boosted rewards

Deliver greater value with every redemption.

Personalized airdrops 

Energize users through surprise experiences. 

Shareable rewards

Ignite acquisition and extend brand impact.

Dynamic experiences

Turn transactional rewards into experiences.

Revenue growth

Boost revenue through incremental engagement.

Seamless integration

Turbo-charge your existing loyalty solution.


A powerful new channel for value delivery & communication

WalletOS is an intuitive digital hub that makes every reward a more personal, immersive, shareable and ongoing experience.

Inspired delivery

Deliver rewards in more compelling ways.

Brand experiences

Deepen connections to brands users love.

Direct channel

Drive engagement with instant communication.

Data insights

Capture valuable first-party data insights.

Offers experience

The most consumer-centric offers experience available today

We provide $22B+ in consumer savings through the reimagined delivery of America's most abundant, data-driven offers network in market.


unique tokenized savings opportunities 


offers alongside card-linked solutions


hyper-local merchants across our network 

Powering offer monetization through our expansive loyalty media network

Curated publisher network

Safeguarded first-party data across FIs, member networks, loyalty programs and retailers

Clean room data collaboration

Anonymized data matching and aggregation to improve targeted advertising across networks

Offer analytics & optimization

Data informs new segments, more personalized offers, superior user experiences and enriched publisher network

Tokenized offer delivery system

A complimentary delivery channel to existing assets that sits alongside existing product offerings

Synergistic solutions

Elevate your strategy

Diversify your portfolio of tools to deliver experiences across industries and verticals.

Sales Incentives

Drive peak performance and motivate extra effort through platform-based incentives, promotions and rewards.

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Customer Loyalty

Increase purchasing, drive engagement and promote brand affinity with unparalleled incentives, rewards and benefits.

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Social Activation

Ignite brand advocacy and create more targeted and personalized brand experiences across the leading social platforms.

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Workplace Engagement

Redefine workplace engagement, productivity and retention strategies with the ultimate employee experience platform.

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Spark innovation. Fuel your imagination.
Spark innovation. Fuel your imagination.

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