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Augeo acquires MotivAction, combining two industry leaders in enterprise engagement

September 5, 2019

ST. PAUL, MN (September 5, 2019)Augeo, a leader in employee and customer loyalty and engagement solutions, announced today it has acquired MotivAction. For more than two decades, Augeo has built innovative platforms across many industries and constituencies. MotivAction, based in Minneapolis, has taken a leadership role in shaping the human capital management industry for over 40 years, delivering employee recognition, sales incentives, and meetings and events solutions to motivate, reward, and inspire brand loyalty. In coming together, Augeo and MotivAction blend extensive market experience and certified technology platforms to create a worldwide leader in the enterprise engagement field.

The combined company will have more than $300 million in annual revenue and will manage domestic and international programs for many of the world's largest companies.

"We are thrilled to bring together our cultures, teams and solutions," said David Kristal, Augeo CEO. "Like Augeo, MotivAction has an amazing tenure of talented and committed people across all facets of the business. This attribute alone will contribute to accelerated growth and ingenuity in the coming years. Both companies are on aggressive growth trajectories, driven by the simple philosophy of taking extraordinary care of our clients; this remains our foremost priority. Similarly, with today's need for real-time interaction and focus on supporting engagement objectives across the full enterprise, we believe we now have the most comprehensive and impactful solution in the engagement space."

MotivAction's award-winning Encore technology platform is the first enterprise engagement platform to receive ISO 10018 technology certification in the world. Its meetings and events business has been recognized by the CMI 25 as one of the most influential companies in the industry for 13 straight years.

"We are privileged to serve many of the world's leading companies and could not be more enthusiastic about joining forces with Augeo," commented Bill Bryson, MotivAction's retiring CEO. "The way we lead, support and service our clients will remain the same, ensuring the continuity of our programs from top to bottom. This is a convergence of two leaders in the industry and a refreshing and energizing cultural fit for our teams."

Augeo's employee-centric engagement experience is making a significant impact in the industry as well by helping employees more effectively connect, interact, and collaborate. Augeo's innovative approach is leading the way by merging people information, employee recognition, personal and social cause activities, data analytics and organization performance metrics into a comprehensive employee engagement platform. Its unique insights engine provides real-time metrics regarding employee engagement, distributes pulse polls and survey results, and provides timely data points to better inform people managers so they can be more effective.

"The way companies engage with employees, consumers and channel partners is rapidly changing and the opportunities for innovation are significantly elevated with this move," commented Joe Keller, MotivAction President and COO. "Each year, corporations are investing more into their human capital management strategies. Together with Augeo, we are perfectly positioned to help lead this change. Engagement, once defined as simply incentives and rewards, is now a continuous and dynamic ecosystem made up of communications, personalization, realtime feedback, peer-to-peer interaction and social media connections. All of this works together to drive alignment and recognize desired behaviors across entire enterprises. This exciting development brings our clients the best the industry has to offer and an experienced team with decades of engagement insight."

Keller will continue as the President of MotivAction. MotivAction will continue to operate out of its current Minneapolis office and its satellite offices across the country. Augeo's headquarters are located in St. Paul with offices in Chicago, New York, Phoenix, Atlanta and Nashville.


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Augeo is a leader in engagement, loyalty and incentive platforms developing new solutions and innovative technology. Augeo helps organizations engage and retain employees, customers, channel partners and members. Our membership benefits and insurances, employee recognition, sales incentives, virtual and live meetings and events solutions elevate engagement and build stronger relationships. With more than 40 years of experience, Augeo serves 52 Fortune 500 companies, and many others, supporting hundreds of engagement solutions worldwide.

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