Beyond influencers: Maximizing social media reach through authentic brand advocacy

About the webinar

How can you supercharge your social media strategy to inspire your target audience? Join Augeo and BN, global leaders in engagement and social activation technologies, for an impactful exploration of authentic brand advocacy—including how to achieve sustainable growth beyond paid influencers by embracing authenticity for a powerful audience connection.

You will learn

  • Explore strategies to identify and empower your brand advocates
  • Learn how to forge more authentic connections with your audience
  • Discover the leading technologies to amplify and scale brand advocacy


Juliann Gilbert

CMO & President, Workplace Engagement


Jeremy Frick

Chief Technology Officer

BN, an Augeo company

Surge Berg

Director, Influencer Marketing

BN, an Augeo company

Brand Advocacy
Workplace Engagement
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Keep learning. Keep learning.

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