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Embracing the evolution of experiential: The impact of AI in revolutionizing attendee journeys

In episode 3 of 3, learn how early adopters of AI tools are enjoying a strategic advantage.
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how people connect. Discover how to leverage AI tools to create authentic experiences for attendees for a more tailored, personalized experience.  

In episode 3 of 3 in our limited-edition content series—Embracing the Evolution of Experiential—Augeo’s President of Experience, Joan Wells, and Vice President of Experiential Marketing, Kevin Cobb, discuss how AI is making a strong impact on the attendee journey.

KEVIN: A useful way to deploy AI is taking a body of information that an attendee needs to interact with and making it feel more like a conversation.

JOAN: Yes. You’re hitting on predictive registration. What I love about the predictive registration models is that they create the feeling that someone is listening to me and wanting to ask me more so that it can better feed to me recommendations—here are experiences or sessions you might be interested in attending; here are people based on your responses you might be interested in meeting; and here’s how to reach them and contact them through our event platform.  

KEVIN: We’ve talked a lot about the data journey and the gathering of all this valuable data. Once you have this mountain of data, how do you then begin to glean insights from that? The idea that you can get assistance from a tool that knows how to process a lot of information and can essentially elevate what’s important by answering questions—that’s a great usage of AI as well.  

JOAN: A lot of times when a team sits down to go through this mountain of information—qualitative and quantitative data that comes from the full attendee journey, the full event experience—there is a tendency to have a bias. AI provides an alternate dot-connection process that encourages you to have a different perspective. 

KEVIN: You must also be aware of what the limitations of AI are. At Augeo, we constantly challenge one another to ask questions. It’s the reason we have an AI ethics committee—to ensure we remain aware of the fact that, like any other tool, AI has limitations. It’s an important part of the process.  

JOAN: AI shouldn’t be the only solution to something. It augments and provides a different view or a different lens or a different dimension to the experience. It’s not meant to replace anything that we currently do and experience.

KEVIN: The future is exciting with AI, and it will continue to be a tool. One of my favorite sayings is: AI is not going to replace creatives, but creatives that use AI will replace those that don’t.

So clearly, we’ve only scratched the surface of AI. There’s so much more to be discovered. There are new tools every day. What would you say to a client that wants to dig in and start thinking about AI for experiences? 

JOAN: Things are changing so rapidly. At Augeo, it’s our job to stay abreast of all of that and to make sense of it—to separate the hype from what is real to determine what is actually useful and relevant to the experience world.

Is your organization ready to incorporate AI into your brand’s experience? Watch this session now. In 5 minutes, learn how early adopters of AI tools are enjoying a strategic advantage. Explore the Embracing the Evolution of Experiential limited-edition content series further for strategies and technologies that deliver transformative brand experiences.  

*This transcript has been abridged and edited for clarity.

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