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Fostering workplace connection & employee engagement through authenticity

Explore 4 strategies to help you foster workplace connection and employee engagement through authenticity.
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People across diverse workplaces are most engaged, inspired and productive when they are given the opportunity to thrive, personally and professionally, in ways that resonate with who they are at their core.

Curating a workplace culture that builds community and connection while celebrating authenticity is essential to empowering your people to be themselves. In the long run, authenticity inspires a confidence and deep sense of belonging that drives retention.

In this article, we explore 4 strategies to help you foster workplace connection and employee engagement through authenticity.

1. Nurture a people-first culture through authentic recognition

Research shows that employees who are inspired to express their authentic selves at work experience a 71% boost in confidence, 60% increase in engagement and 46% rise in overall happiness.1

How can your organization celebrate authenticity and express appreciation for the individuality of your people?

People-first workplaces that enable impactful peer-to-peer recognition on a companywide scale create a sustainable environment in which employees feel respected and valued. Authentic recognition inspires employees to unleash their full potential in the workplace and communicates a profound appreciation for the entirety of who they are.

  • When employees feel recognized and valued for who they are, they are inspired to be more productive.
  • A centralized employee recognition platform amplifies the benefits of gratitude throughout your company.
  • Seamless generative AI integrations help your employees deliver more meaningful and authentic recognition.

Employee Appreciation Day will be here before you know it—the ideal time to kickstart your employee recognition strategy and express gratitude for your people in ways both relevant and impactful. How is your company planning to celebrate? We can help.

2. Mobilize DEIB initiatives that celebrate authenticity

To celebrate authenticity in your workplace, embrace diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) initiatives that encourage open communication and appreciation for differences. Providing channels for positive, authentic social interactions is critical in building trust among your people.

Empowering your people to share their unique perspectives and lived experiences builds an environment of psychological safety that results in stronger, more productive teams.2

  • Implement Employee Resource Groups to represent diverse interests and provide structure for authentic connections and conversation.
  • Gain insights from your people and ensure their voices are heard by conducting regular surveys and polls on opportunities related to DEIB.
  • Leveraging a centralized employee experience platform is an impactful way to celebrate DEIB and authenticity at a companywide level.

3. Leverage technology to encourage authentic workplace connections

Intelligent connection technology solutions allow your people to seize opportunities, build communities and appreciate each other. Start fostering connection immediately through an employee engagement platform with integrated community-building:

  • Professional networking: Data-rich employee profiles that highlight accomplishments, certifications, ambitions and personal passions set the stage for professional connections.
  • Personal connections: Empower and encourage people to launch and participate in groups that match their interests and create spaces for everyone to find community and belonging.
  • Social architecture: Spark companywide communication and engagement in a brand-safe way with interactive newsfeeds and posting abilities inspired by popular social media platforms.

Activate workplace authenticity

Looking for ways to amplify connection? Connect with us and bring authenticity to life in your organization through community-building initiatives.

To read more about our approach to workplace engagement, check out our complimentary digital guide—The Art of Employee Engagement.

1 Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership | The Importance of Authenticity in the Workplace

2 Gallup | The Increasing Importance of a Best Friend at Work

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